Dunkle WaГџer Quest

Dunkle WaГџer Quest Quest Dunkle WaГџer Video

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Dunkle WaГџer Quest

Quest Dunkle WaГџer. Quest Dunkle WaГџer. Do you have a demo reel? How Much Have You Seen? Show all 12 episodes. Re: Quest "Dunkle Versuchung" is​. Hallo Robin, heben Sie mit der SwiГџquote Erfahrungen Quest Dunkle WaГџer Geld ab sind grundsГtzlich mit speziellen Zufallsgeneratoren. Achtung fГr neue. Egal, was Sie geplant Dunkle WaГџer Quest Wenn. Wer sich an die Spitze der Verbote setzt, kann die nächste Wahl gewinnen. Angefangen von Leprechauns.

Dunkle WaГџer Quest Dunkle WaГџer Quest

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Dunkle WaГџer Quest Video

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Tarzan Materijali. Here again Dunkerque shows herself to be a ship of extremes. She is by far the softest of the four ships on trial here, possessing the lowest hit-points, the thinnest armor and the second worst torpedo belt.

But it's worse than that. While on paper her armor should be better than that of Kongo at tier 5, in practice it feels a lot worse.

Dunkerque can't tank hits to save her life. Kongo's armor is troll. Dunkerque's armor is paper. Anything more than 20 degrees off a bow-on position, and Dunkerque's armor starts falling apart versus 14" AP, with 15" AP and bigger just being able to sail clean through the tin foil and into the gooey bits inside.

New Mexico is the other extreme. Tough, tanky, hard to take down. She is followed by Warspite which retains her troll armor and good hit-point pool, despite her healing potion having been nerfed before.

Fuso takes up third place. Despite being the healthiest of the four ships, she has the second thinnest armor and a lot of holes in it you can exploit when she's angled to your fire.

Warspite wins, New Mexico second, Dunkerque third, Fuso last. It's as simple as that. Dunkerque's AA is just a hair above 'terrible'.

She has the lowest DPS at all ranges out of the four ships on trial here. Warspite's is better, but only just. Fuso manages to beat them both, by a very small margin, but the clear winner here is New Mexico.

Not that this surprises anybody The Dunkerque burns after being struck by American dive bombers. She was unable to shoot down any of the attack planes as they made their approach, but she shoots down two before they escaped with the help of her Catapult Fighter.

Overall Impressions. Adding up the numbers:. So, Warspite is the best and Dunkerque is hopelessly outclassed? I'm sure LWM will consider half of that statement undeniable truth and to anyone trying to play Dunkerque like a typical battleship the second half would ring true as well.

Dunkerque can work, in the hands of a skilled player who understands her intricacies and follies, and in certain situations.

But in the hand of the average player, this French ship will fold and collapse like a house of cards. She also really doesn't hold her own against tier 7 and 8 battleships.

Dunkerque is a showpony. Warspite, New Mexico and Fuso are workhorses. If you drive Dunkerque like she was made out of glass, you can make her work.

I'm more tempted to say 'play her like a tank destroyer in WoT'. Park her next to a rock to protect your flank, keep your bow pointed at the enemy and let the rest of your team go first - because if you get focused, you die, and quickly so.

Present the smallest target, keep map features between you and any flanking enemy, and Dunkerque might even reward you with her unusual play style.

Objectively, there's not a lot to like about the Dunkerque. She pays a very big price for having all of her firepower easily accessed upon her snout.

Bad armour, bad handling, bad camouflage, bad anti-aircraft guns, bad secondaries So why the heck do I love her? Would I Recommend? Yeesh, this is going to be a tough one to recommend.

You'll get your money's worth here. Her accuracy and gun handling will make farming the damages and thus the credits and experience easy enough.

At tier 6, you're not going to recoup tons of credits. Also, keep in mind that as a Battleship, you're likely going to be running with at least one premium consumable, so that's going to eat into your earnings.

I found her a delight to play, but she doesn't have tremendous carry potential. So that in turn is going to hurt those looking to pad their win rates.

She can do very well, but like the Molotov, you need to do well early with overwhelming ad strategically placed damage to effect a win.

She requires a silken touch and a captain who pays constant attention. Plus, she gets her face pushed in by tier 7s and 8s.

I wouldn't recommend the Dunkerque for things like Team or Ranked Battles. She takes damage too easily and losing one turret to a single torpedo or volley of shells will really set your team back.

There are much better ships at her tier. Mouse: She's the first French ship in the game. That's novel enough for many to grab her.

She didn't have an illustrious career, so that tarnishes her worth, but at least she's a historical vessel. Dunkerque offers something no other ship in the game offers so far.

Mouse: I would pick her up for this alone. Her guns are a joy to use -- so much so that I am willing to forgive a whole lot of her flaws.

I'll be putting a lot of play time into the Dunkerque. She can be rewarding if you treat her right, but is very unforgiving of mistakes.

Recommended Modules. Recommended Consumables. Recommended Captain Skills. The Dunkerque uses a fairly standard set of Battleship skills for her tier.

Wouldn't Preventative Maintenance be the best tier 5 captain skill to get for the Dunkerque? That way, your turrets can take more hits.

I was excited enough for this ship to be willing to buy one regardless of the reviews, but am extremely disappointed to learn the turrets are not properly subdivided.

Hopefully this was the result of a complication with the game engine, and will eventually be rectified. Thank you for your new review! It was a fabulous read and I hope to see more!

Really let down by the lack of compartmentalisation of her main guns into 4x2 sets in addition to them appearing to have poor survivability.

I'm not even going to buy the Dunkerque because of monies, but I still enjoy reading through these. Once again, thanks for the great review!

Looks like I'll probably be picking her up as long as the price is appropriate. Or would you be better off taking a skill that's more universally useful.

If you're going to use Dunk as a captain trainer for an upcoming French battleship line, you'll have a skill trained that might not be as useful on other ship classes except those two.

If I were to venture a guess, engine limitations. That is however just a guess. They've not deemed fit to inform me about the reasons why there's no subdivision in the turrets.

If one turret get knocked out, it game over. Does this mean Dunkerque will arrive at the same time as the Scharnhorst?

My wife is going to kill me In defense of not separating the turret, the bulkhead was no guarantee to not lose them all from a single hit.

A barbette hit could still lock the turret in train which effectively kills all 4 guns. But my best guess is next Friday.

More like French are known for being a big fans of quad gun turrets, especially the way they designed the mm quad DP guns. I knew about her weak armor and guns for her tier, but I was hoping her secondaries and AA would make up for it.

I was hoping her gun reload would be around Scharnhorst level. I was hoping her gun turrets would be extra durable to make up for the fact that she only has two of them and they were supposed to be compartmentalised.

I'm a ship collector and someone who's credit card whispers in his ear at night when it comes to this game, but even I can't throw money at garbage of this magnitude.

If I want a french premium, I'll wait for the Richelieu. I'd guess that the reason the turrets aren't compartmentalized in-game has something to do with how an incapacitated turret doesn't turn.

In order for Dunkerque's compartmentalization to work, she would have to have a damaged turret that still turns in conjunction with a non-damaged turret, which doesn't work with the existing mechanics.

Scharnhorst is much more tempting being intended more as a "charge in and tank" type of ship , and I can't really afford both at the moment.

Even one of them is questionable, unless they can be bought with doubloons in-game. The bulkhead does not completely stop the entire turret from getting knocked out, the Jean Bart lost a turret from a single hit when the Massachusetts bombarded it during the battle of Casablanca.

The divided turret only protects against shells penetrating lengthwise, it does nothing to help against barbette hits or cross penetrations.

Ya know, maybe I should ask to flip over to the other side of the street like Mouse there as a CC. Least I could talk about the damn ships.

Too bad she's so buttery, her and Scharners could have a low caliber bounce-fest duel otherwise. You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section.

Recommended Posts. Report post 1. Posted August 12, edited. The Tier 6 French Battleship. The ship is fast, her reloads are quick and her muzzle velocity is excellent.

Cost: Undisclosed at the time of writing this article. Despite the superficial similarities to the Izumo, the Dunkerque has much more in common with the play style of the Soviet premium cruiser, Molotov.

Both are fast, fragile vessels with more speed than agility. Yet they both rely on engaging enemies at range with hard hitting alpha strikes from high-muzzle velocity weapons.

Both are unable to conceal themselves. They are gunship support vessels, relying on clever use of speed and turning to keep themselves safe from reprisals.

Once more into the breach. She's an odd ship, a true Battlecruiser in my opinion and she needs to be played as such to get the most out of her.

I had a lot of success with her right out of the gates though speaking with other contributors, this wasn't something that was universal.

This prompted a long discussion about her merits and flaws and I'm happy to share them with you today. Lert will be joining me, providing a voice of moderation to my more emotionally enthusiastic descriptors.

You can find his contribution in the separated and ostracized! Take it away, grumpy-kitty-man! The Lertbox Once again LWM has graciously allowed me some space in her review to post my own thoughts about an upcoming premium ship.

Consumables: Three slots. The most defining feature of the Dunkerque is the layout of her primary battery. She has only two turrets but they sport four guns each.

At mm, these are the smallest caliber weapons found on a Battleship at tier 6. You could be forgiven for expecting them to have a bunch of excellent traits to justify her matchmaking weight.

The Bad News. Let's get the bad news out of the way. The Dunkerque is not going to be wracking up big damage totals as quickly as her peers. She's an eight-gun Battleship with a lot of short comings in terms of firepower.

The Bayern and Warspite may also only have eight guns, but their shell caliber is much larger at mm.

While the Dunkerque has an accelerated reload to help prop up her DPM, this isn't any faster than the Fuso's. At 28s per volley, she doesn't really gain any ground n the DPM race.

The Dunkerque's armour piercing DPM weighs in at a theoretical maximum of ,hp, while the twelve gun Dreadnoughts all top well over ,hp.

Even the Jutland veterans manage over ,hp with their eight guns. To put this into perspective, the tier 5 Kongo with a 30s reload manages ,hp.

The Really Bad News. On paper, her secondary compliment looks like it can take up some of the slack from her primaries. With a total of sixteen mm rifles mounted in some impressive looking turrets, they have an excellent range for their tier of 5km.

However, the angles at which they can fire are horrid. All of the quad-mounts are facing the stern and will only engage enemies once they clear well past 40' off the bow of the Dunkerque.

This is hardly ideal with her primaries all mounted forward. It's best to forget any pretense of her secondaries helping at all.

This leaves only a pair of mm rifles off each side each in a dual mount that will attack enemies coming from the front. I was hoping to see the Dunkerque's mm turrets modeled with their historical compartmentalization when it came to taking damage.

Without going into too much detail, the big quad-mounts were divided into two pairs of guns so that a single hit to the turret wouldn't deprive their ship of half their firepower.

If modeled correctly in World of Warships, while the ship would have two turrets, it would take four separate critical strikes to knock out all of her guns.

Except it isn't present here. I heard rumours to the effect that the game engine couldn't handle half of the turret being knocked out at a time.

I don't know the truth of this rumour but it sounds feasible enough. Hopefully this could be remedied in the future, the same way AA mounts couldn't be mounted on turrets previously.

As it stands, the Dunkerque's mm turrets can and will be knocked out wholesale by single hits. Though effectively immune to mm batteries head on up to and including point blank range, even the mm rifles off of the Scharnhorst are capable of catastrophically damaging the Dunkerque's turrets.

As you'll want to be facing bow on to enemies to minimize her profile, your gun mounts often take the brunt of the punishment. Don't be surprised if you lose a turret.

Don't be surprised if you lose both turrets if you end up in close-range encounters with enemy Battleships. The main batteries of the Dunkerque are not compartmentalized.

Critical hits will temporarily damage or destroy the entire turret, not two guns at a time. Why Can't I Quit You? Yet for all of these faults and some minor ones besides , the Dunkerque's gun batteries perform very well.

The first thing you'll notice is that she has rather fast turret traverse. At 5' per second, she'll complete a ' rotation in 36 seconds -- except that she never really has to complete a ' rotation.

With all of her guns mounted on the bow, adjusting fire takes mere moments. Tracking targets or acquiring a new one is a breeze.

All of her guns are on the bow.

Dunkle WaГџer Quest


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